Playing and Learning Coast to Coast

Thursday, April 18, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

We love Gymboree! I signed my son up for Play & Learn classes when he was 11 weeks old and have been loyal members ever since. We started at your location in Alexandria, VA with Mary as our teacher. I was a nervous, first time mom and Mary's gentle, kind manner made me feel relaxed and welcome. My son, Finn enjoyed the classes right away. He was also quite taken with Gymbo the Clown and was mesmerized by the parachute! When Finn was only 4 months old, we learned that my husband was being stationed in San Diego, CA and that would mean our family would be moving to the opposite side of the country in a few short months. We continued to enjoy our time with the staff at the Alexandria location and even stocked up on a few CDs, shakers and toys that might help the long car trip with a baby go smoothly. Our last class was on the same day that the movers came to load the truck. I debated skipping since it was such a busy day at our house but I packed up Finn and we went to our last class anyway. I was so touched by the well-wishes and goodbyes from the staff and other moms. I didn't even realize that I had made my first "mommy friends" at Gymboree until it was time to leave. It was just the boost I needed to get through the rest of the week and beginning the next chapter for our family. As we made our way across the United States, our Gymbo puppet provided great entertainment and held off a few melt downs along the way! Yay for Gymbo! Once we arrived in San Diego, I looked up a Gymboree Play & Music close to our new home. I knew that I would be able to meet some other mothers and that Finn would have playmates to socialize with. Typical of military life, my husband had to leave a few short weeks after we moved into our new home in California. The first weekend after he left, Finn and I went to a class at our new Gymboree. The familiar look of the play floor and friendly staff felt so comforting that day. I had just moved to a new town, away from family and my husband had just left for 7 months so I was feeling a little defeated. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to hug every person in the room because I knew that I would be able to adjust and make it through.

Finn is now 13 months old and we love Andrea at the Clairemont Mesa location in San Diego, CA. I have gotten so much joy watching him learn to conquer new tasks and skills each week. My husband was able to enjoy many of these moments through pictures and videos. Once he did return home and able to join us for a class, he was quite impressed with how much Finn was able to do on his own. He was climbing and sliding and is always an eager helper with the 'air log push'. We celebrated Finn's first birthday at Gymboree and the staff did a wonderful job. It was a very special day and our guests had a great time!

I guess this should be more of a thank you note to you all than a story about us. Your Play & Learn classes have meant a great deal to our family and I know that next time we move, to a new city or across the country, I will be able to find a Gymboree Play & Music. I will get our little one enrolled and know that he will make friends and have familiar surroundings while he is encouraged to try new activities and learn. Thank You, Gymboree. Thank you for providing a loving and encouraging environment for Finn from sea to shining sea!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: San Diego
State: California

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