Reach for the sky and 'touch colors'

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My daGymboree Play & Musicughter was 1 year old when she was diagnosed with a discolated left hip. We have been attending Gymboree Play & Music for 6 months, and she loves nothing more than to come to class and see her friends. She required surgery, and was in a body cast (yes, a body cast) from her armpits to her ankles. The devastation that we felt to see our baby bound up like that for 16 weeks was horrible. I was determined to make this awful experience tolerable for her. I would stop at nothing to keep her smiling! We decided to still attend Gymboree! We went to music classes, and my little girl would clap her hands and then look at me, as if to say, 'mom, did you hear that part?!' Or 'mom, you know I love this song!' The teachers were so accommodating to her situation. We also attended play class, and I held her the entire time. She would shake her head 'yes' and smile ear to ear. Then.... dun dun dun.... the parachute and bubbles came out! WHOA! She about jumped right out of her cast. This has always been her favorite part of the class. She puts her fists up and SHAKES from head to toe with joy. She is always known in her class for loving this part. We are now cast free, and attending class still. I feel so lucky to have Miss Sue as our teacher, and Suzy for our music teacher. They, along with Gina, the owner, have been so helpful and supportive during this hard time. They wanted to make sure my little girl felt part of the group still. For that, I am forever grateful! Thank you Gymboree, for always showing my daughter to reach for the sky, no matter what life hands you...

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Gilbert
State: Arizona


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