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Self Discovery

Gymboree Play & MusicHannah has learned more in Gymboree classes then I ever thought possible. I watched her learn how to sit, stand, walk, run and how to share with others in her Play & Learn classes from level 1 up to level 5 which she is in now. I watched her blossom in Art class as she learned how to express herself through paint and drawing which was amazing to watch. My favorite moment, which brought tears to my eyes, happened on Wednesday this week. I was getting her in her car seat to go home after Art class but she said "No!" before I could buckle her in. I asked her if she was ready to go home and she said "No!". I asked her why she wasn't ready to go. Her answer was... "Say bye and kiss inda" (that's how she says Miss Linda). I brought her back inside of Gymboree and to Ms. Linda the Art teacher, and Hannah said, "Bye inda hug and kiss". She gave Ms. Linda a big hug and a kiss then said. "OK Mommy, we go now". It touches my heart how much of an impact her Art teacher has had on her development. I am very thankful to Gymboree Play & Learn classes (all of them) for how much they have not only taught my now two year old little girl, but for how much they have taught and helped me with her. Especially since I am a new Mommy. Thank you Gymboree Play & Music for all of the support, guidance, and love you have shown my daughter and my family. We are truly blessed to have Gymboree as part of our lives.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Miami
State: Florida


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