She knows when she is loved!

Thursday, April 4, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Hi! I have a most amazing story of my daughter Adele growing her confidence and joyfulness with Gymboree! Our family is traveling a lot and my daughter had been trying her first social skills (1.5-2 y.o.) right at the time we were living in a different country. When we came back she was 2 and was experiencing something like cultural shock. Kids around her had different manners, they spoke different language (our family language is not English). Adele had to adjust and develop new skills and meanwhile she felt lonely. Trying to get attention she started hitting other kids and this made her experience with them even more negative. With all that she developed strong separation fear, therefore we were looking for a playgroup where she could stay with her parents, but all of them either had no organized activities, or were too academic in nature, or were not for her age, or did not have any constant group… But we kept looking. And could you imagine how my heart went jumping with joy when by a happy chance we learned about Gymboree classes. «This is it!» - I thought after we attended the first class. Adele got there attention and felt interest towards herself, incessantly she was receiving from her teacher positive feedback in a warm manner while the flaw of activities was keeping her playing, learning, running and always around other kids just the way she loves it! Today, after only two months at Gymboree, Adele understands the new language, sings songs, loves to play with her mates and make new friends, regained her confidence and feels totally welcome everywhere. She always asks me to go to Gymboree again and again and I am happy. She knows when she is loved!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Staten Island
State: New York

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