Shy guy.... not so much anymore!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My son is not the most social guy on the block, honestly, he is not the most social guy on a lot of blocks. At 9 months, he was painfully shy, stayed away from people, and bawled if anyone even tried to talk to him. He liked playing with my husband and me, but other kids or adults were a no-no. I was worried, and my doctor said he needs to interact with children his age. That's when I heard about Gymboree Play & Music from a friend. At first my husband and I were skeptical, it seemed like a marketing ploy, we both grew up without Gymboree, and we're both fine. But I was ready to give it a shot. I took a free class to see how it was. I liked it, my son did not react, so I decided to give it a one month trial. We live far from any Gymboree, so my drive is typically 20 minutes one way to the closest one. Initially it seemed like there was no point. I drove so much in all kinds of weather, and all my boy did was sit around and play on maybe a couple of things. He did not interact with other children and did not seem to like it. I was pretty sure I wanted to quit. One day at home I was cleaning the mess he had made, and I absentmindedly sang the "clean up" song. And to my amazement, he helped me put things away. He wasn't participating at Gymboree like I wanted, but he was picking up stuff!!!! I was so happy. After that things started to move. He slowly lost his stranger anxiety. He still doesn't play with other children, but he doesn't run from them anymore and if I ask him to, he shares his stuff with other kids. He loves the classes now, he enjoys playing on the equipment, and he is slowly picking up a lot of new things. His shyness is still not gone 100%, and going to the class is still sometimes tiring for me. But I no longer think it's a waste of time, because the effort is paying off slowly, and my little champ has grown to love his classes to the point that he gets excited at the mention of going to Gymboree Play & Learn classes. I would recommend Gymboree to any parent who is thinking about it. If you're not sure try it, you are sure to like it.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Jersey City
State: New Jersey

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