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shy little boy

My son is one of the shyest children you will meet. I decided Gymboree Play Classesto take him to a Gymboree play classes and he was so shy to start out with. By the middle of the class he was running everywhere and crawling through all the tunnels. He looked like a little monkey crawling on top of all the equipment. He loves music so it is an excellent program. He would dance all over the room. Our theme was ball play, and he loved rolling and throwing the balls everywhere. His absolute favorite part was the parachute. I have almost bought one because he has had such a ball with it. My son was eighteen months at the time and he loved every minute of it. It really helped him come out of his shell. Now he is more social with the children and not so shy to play on equipment. We go to the inflatable gyms and he wants to go down every big slide. The class turned him into a social butterfly :)

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Birmingham
State: Alabama


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