Sleep, Gymbo Sleep

Thursday, July 12, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

We have been taking our daughter to Gymboree play classes since she was just 8 months old. At first, we had to hold her and guide her through all aspects of the class, especially the final dancing song. Through the weeks and months, she has been able to sit on her own, crawl, walk, and move her hands along with Gymbo and the instructor. Each week, she remembers a bit more, including moving side to side, peek-a-boo, and Gymbo hugs. Most recently, she started to lie down on the ground during "Sleep, Gymbo Sleep"! She even looked over at me, put her finger to her lips, and whispered "Shhhhhhhh" because I was doing it wrong :)! It has been such a delight to see her confidence and personality grow through participating in Gymboree classes!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: West Linn
State: Oregon

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