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Smooth Operator

My son enrolled in Gymboree Play & Music at 13 months old, and we have seen so much emotional and physical confidence that we directly attribute to his time at Gymboree. Dylan was born premature, weighing a mighty 3 pounds. Some of the challenges we face are due to his emotional maturity in relation to his peers. When other kids put away the balls because its parachute time, we would have an emotional breakdown because he was stuck at not wanting to put away the balls. Our teacher was sensitive to his needs and promoted a transition process for Dylan that we started using at home too. Now he runs to put away toys, kissing them goodbye as he puts them in the bucket/bag/box. He has learned how to think about what comes next and that saying goodbye to something isnt bad. This, to me, has been our pricless Gymboree experience.

Class Type: Play & Learn 5 (22-28 months)
City: Tampa
State: Florida

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