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About 6-8 months ago, my son Thomas was having trouble with his speech. He couldn't say a lot of words and at that time the pediatrician decided that he should start Speech Therapy. I also wanted to have him start some activities with other people besides our family. We started him at Gymboree Music and Art classes. After 2 months with Mrs. Gwen he started to improve greatly with his speech, behavior, and interactions with other children. My son has been speaking a whole ton more, he participates in art class now which he never would before, etc. For example, he would never want to put on the art smock, but now he tells everyone that he has an art smock at art class. Since last month, he actually does some singing in music class alongside Mrs. Gwen (i.e. echoing her). I wanted to write this story just to show others how much Gymboree Play & Music has helped my son get on track with his development, and am so proud that I could work alongside such talented people that were willing to help me with my son.

Class Type: Music
City: Menomonee Falls
State: Wisconsin

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