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The title of my story is simple but VERY true! Our son, TJ Loves Gymboree and their absolutely wonderful teachers (Shawn, Melany and Megan)!

TJ has been attending Gymboree Play and Music for around 2 years. During that period of time we have been extremely pleased with his growth and delopment. TJ has shown incredible cognitive development and we in part credit Gymboree and their awesome teachers! TJ is extremely verbal and has been speaking in full sentences since the age of 18 months. I would be remiss if I didn't credit Gymboree or TJ's teachers. On more than a few occasions we have had other parents tell us that we should have TJ tested for being a gifted child. What a prideful feeling!

I would like to share two stories that will demonstrate how Gymboree has enhanced our sons growth and development.
First, one night TJ says to my wife, "I am so frustrated!" "Really? Do you know what frustrated means?" my wife replies, thinking he is just repeating something he watched on TV or repeating something that he heard somewhere. TJ says, "Angry, mad and annoyed!" My wife then asks TJ, "Where did you learn that?" TJ replies very matter of factly, "Megan taught me that at school today!"

The second story I would like to share happened while visiting our terminally ill Aunt, who was suffering from lung cancer. Our Aunt showed TJ a nest she purchased and then placed unfertilized eggs from her pet cockateal in the nest. Our aunt said, "TJ, do you like my birds eggs?" TJ answered without skipping a beat, "What is going to happen to those eggs are they going to hatch?" Obviously we were all surprised. The next day when I dropped TJ off for school skills I told Shawn the story. Shawn told me that they had done a lesson about eggs hatching very recently. I cannot remember the name of the type of lesson but Shawn named it. The fact the TJ was taught, learned, retained and used that knowledge at the exact correct time is incredible! Kudos to Shawn's teaching skills and Gymboree's curriculum! Our Aunt only lived for another 6 weeks or so and spoke of that story with pride everytime I visited, which was daily. It brought a smile to her face everytime, during the hardest of times. I am very grateful she had that moment with my son, whom she adored.

TJ had to have a Gymbo for home and leaves it in the car so, he can play with Gymbo while riding in the car.

TJ is an only child and Gymboree provides a place where he can interact socially with children his age. I believe it is very important. TJ had a little seperation anxiety when we would leave him with family members whenever we had a function to attend that was adult only and Gymboree cured him of that. Obviously a great thing!

I am a stay at home disabled dad due to a work related injury. This injury prevents me from doing most physical activities with my son. Gymboree Play and Music offers a place where TJ can go and receive the physical activity his body needs and children his age crave. To that end, I do not feel as though my disability has muted our sons physical activity at all. Gymboree offers a safe environment for TJ to exercise in a social setting while being in the comfort of climate control!

In closing, Gymboree and his aforementioned teachers are a enormous part of TJ's life. TJ mentions, "His school and His teachers" daily! I can comfortably say that I do not know what I would do without Gymboree or "HIS" teachers. I want to thank everyone connected to Gymboree as you enhance our sons life! THANK YOU!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Jefferson Valley
State: New York


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