Vacation with Aedyn

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

Gymboree Play & MusicMy 17-month old Aedyn has been attending Gymboree play classes since his first birthday. While I know he enjoys himself, I guess I didn't realize the impact of Gymboree until our recent vacation-gone-awry to Michigan. Long story short, our 4th of July lake house trip landed us in a hotel nowhere near a lake because of a power outage. Short of the pool, there wasn't a whole lot for a wee tot to do. Our only saving grace was a courtyard off our back patio so that he could run (and run and run and run)! The first night at the hotel, everything was just off. We'd started the day at the lake, followed by lunch, which pushed nap time off an hour. Then there was the drive back to find no electricity and the house was just too hot for a nap...had to figure out why the power was out, find hotel, etc. So, Aedyn (who'd only slept in the car on the way to the hotel) was a little cranky but riled by his new surroundings. To appease his mood, I let him explore the courtyard and he kept wandering into a bar, which (as it turned out) was ok--it was a kid-friendly bar. And, there was live music. So, I let him continue on with his exploration and he wandered right up to the musician and started dancing and clapping and just having a good old time. The musician would modify the songs for his tender ears, so we ended up "on the highway to bed." And, as people yelled at their song requests, it didn't take Aedyn long to figure out what was going on...and he had a request of his own. "Twinkling" his hands frantically between the songs, the musician kept waving, thinking that's what Aedyn was doing. Eventually, I said, "no, that's his twinkle star. He wants you to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." And so it happened... Oh sure, he's done a tap-tap-freeze out of the blue here and there. And, I understand a lot of what he does; but, here he was, using his Gymboree Play & Music teachings to attempt to communicate his wishes with a complete stranger (and assuming it will translate)! It was too sweet.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Fishers
State: Indiana


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