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MY first grandson at 11 months learned to walk at GYMBOREE PLAY & MUSIC!  Being an over protective grandma from out of the 50's, I held my breath trough it all.  During the dinosaur days we did not have a safe and fun place like GYMBOREE to take our children to.  I came up for air and took a breath when I learned it was okay to let go and have fun with it. My grandson was overjoyed and proud to discover he could balance on the beams and push the large colorful log without grandma holding onto his shirt or hands.  My grandsons loved when I could get down on the floor with them and sing "SOMEONE FEED THIS BABY PLEASE" . while bouncing them on my lap.  (We should have been singing " SOMEONE HELP THIS GRANDMA UP PLEASE"..)

Sincerely, my grandsons and I had  a wonderful time at GYMBOREE while learning with music and building muscle and character.  I purchased a large GYMBO 3 years ago for him and recently purchased a small one for his 18 month old brother who goes nowhere without him.  We never leave home with out the GYMBOREE BUBBLES .  We take them with us to picnics, birthday parties and most of all the kids love to play with them in our hotel rooms when on vacation.  At the end of the day we all calm down with a GYMBOREE bubble bath and bubbles. After telling my physical therapist about GYMBOREE he signed up his 2 year old and plans on including his newborn in the program in a few months.
Every child should start their early development at GYMBOREE...

Class Type: Play & Learn 2 (6-10 months)
City: San Francisco
State: California

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