What a month can do!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

My daughter is very slow to warm up to new surroundings and people. She didn't like the feel of different textures and was very apprehensive to try new things. We tried the free class to see what Gymboree Play & Music was all about. Her first time, she curled her toes and hung to my leg. She wanted to play but was unsure of herself. By the end of the class she was at least off my leg and picking up balls and climbing up the slide. Her toes began to uncurl. I decided it was worth the hour drive once a week to bring her and it was a great choice! We signed up for the music class and then did the open gym every Tuesday. She opened up so much by coming just once a week. I could see her self confidence grow, when she tackled movements I was scared for her to do :) She enjoyed the routine of how things were consistent and she soon began to join in with song motion and tried to "sing" along. I know she enjoys herself and the things she does at Gymboree, not because she has to be carried out of there, but because I will catch her at home a few days or weeks even, doing the movements to a song and "singing" to herself. She even tries to do flips and climbs on everything we own because she learned how to handle herself, and her spacious awareness has grown so much! I wish there was a Gymboree closer to us, but until then we are glad to drive that hour, because it has done a wonder in our daughter's development!

Class Type: Music
City: Germontown
State: Ohio

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