Why Every Child Should Join Gymboree

Monday, July 23, 2012 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

I absolutely love Gymboree Play & Music in Columbia, SC. I definitelGymboree Play & Music, Play Classes, Toddler Classes, Classes for Toddler, Toddler Play Groupy contribute all of my son’s personality, ability to communicate, socialize and play with friends, and his growth and milestones to Gymboree. We started going to Gymboree when he was 6 months old and after the first 4 months he knew all the songs, acts out the dances before the verse, “bends to reach and touch his toes”, “bangs the drum”, “pops the bubbles”, “cleans up”, “hip hip hooray”, and blows the most adorable kiss. Once I learned the songs and bought a Gymbo, we play Gymboree throughout the day at home. People are often impressed with my son, as I often show off all his talents, and I always encourage people to bring their child to Gymboree. One of my friends is expecting a baby soon and she admits she looks forward to joining Gymboree. I recognize that Gymboree can be expensive to some, but I take advantage of the specials and my son will participate in unlimited classes until he is 5 years old. I have visited other Gymboree locations (FL, TX, NC, and VA), because I often travel for my job, and none of the locations I visited even compare to the location in Columbia, SC, the enthusiasm of the teachers, friendly parents, and structure of the programs. I have made some special friends at Gymboree and we even have playdates, attend birthday parties, or just communicate about other child related activities in the area. I would say that both my child and I enjoy all activities at Gymboree and even the teachers often comment on his growth and development. I wish I could upload a video because I am sure you will get many submissions, but my child’s progression due to Gymboree is really noteworthy to be recognized by the company.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Columbia
State: South Carolina


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