Why we love Gymboree!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 by Gymbo Buzz Blog Contest

I just recently moved to San Diego when my husband joined the navy and got his first duty station. Right away it was extremely intimidating, a very big city! We slowly got comfortable, and eventually found Gymboree Play & Music! With all our new schedules and transitioning we always made sure that if there was one thing that we would do every week was take lola, (our two year old) to Gymboree and give her some undivided mommy and daddy time. The more we came the more we fell in love with our teachers, the classes, the other families and spending the time together with our daughter, all of which would not be the same without Gymboree.
Eventually it came time for my husband to deploy, it really bothered my daughter that her daddy wasnt coming home everyday and with him gone going to Gymboree became a little more of a hassle, but we managed to keep going, and the more we went the more we realized we truly are getting through this deployment one Gymboree day at a time! With Gymboree staying in my daughters life it was something i knew we could do together and she would be smiling and playing and as much fun as it was to have daddy there we are having fun just us girls. We are meeting new moms, and my daughter is making new friends, and we have taken up more classes. We go to almost every open gym we can, and just keeping busy is keeping us going. So thank you Gymboree for giving my toddler and I something to get us through this hard time in our lives!

Class Type: Play & Learn 5 (22-28 months)
City: San Diego
State: California

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