Family Classes

Mobile - 5 years

A perfect solution for siblings, family classes support the best of multi-aged learning. Cruisers, toddlers and preschoolers converge in a class filled with songs, circle dances and cooperative play that unite and delight young learners of every age. Together, you'll explore slides, ramps, bridges, tunnels, songs, movement games and parachute activities in this mixed-age class that supports the development of physical, language and social skills.

Mr. Brenden is amazing!

Mr. Brenden is amazing! He is great with all the children and remembers their likes & dislikes.

Class Type: Family Classes

Very Happy Parent

Thanks for the Fun!

We had such a great time at the Valentines Party. Amy and Susan had everything organized, the kids and parents had such a blast.

Thanks again for the fun!

Class Type: Family Classes

A happy birthday

I have been coming to Gymboree since my son was 6 weeks old and he is now 3 and his sister has followed suit. We happened to be at a family gym on my 30th birthday. I wasn't having a good day and didn't publicize that it was my birthday. My talkative 3 year old was a different story, he told miss. Suzanne and as I was leaving she and miss Sheila grabbed me and surprised me with a little birthday party! I cried as it was the only thing anyone did for me that day. They are family and have been from day 1! We love them and they touched me so deeply.

Class Type: Family Classes
City: East Northport
State: New York

Gymboree Is Like Family

My 3 year old Liah has participated in Gymboree Play & Music classes since she was about 1 1/2 years old. She started with Family Music, and then Family Art with Ms Alex, as well as Play and Learn Levels 5 and 6 with Ms Jess. We have also participated in seasonal parties, birthday parties, and Open Gym. Gymboree has been home to my toddler, and I have seen tremendous growth in her social interaction, and skill set in every class she has participated in. We have been blessed by the love, patience, enthusiasm, and professionalism of every staff member. I consistently recommend Gymboree to friends because of what an amazing experience we have had there as a family. 

Class Type: Family

Location: Corona

My Kids Can't Wait To Go Back Each Week!!

We love love love our Gymboree family class it is so nice to be able to take my 4 & 2 year old to the same class. Both of them love the classes and the staff are great! My kids can't wait to go back each week!!

Class Type: Family 

Location: Linden Ridge Shopping Center 

Our Little Guy Has Learned So Much!

Min is great with everyone and we also really like our teacher Paige!! Our little guy has learned so much!

Class Type: Family 

Location: Linden Ridge Shopping Center

Clean and Fun!!

I was a member at Gymboree Play & Music 4 years ago when I first took my daughter to the Music classes and she loved it! I now have a 10 month old and recently attended the Family class. I was impressed on how clean and fun the playgrounds are in the classroom. The teachers were great and friendly. My 4 year old did not want to leave becuase she was having so much fun and wanted to come back! My only suggestion is to have classes in the evenings for working parents to attend. That being said, I will definitely come back! I am booking a birthday party for my 10 month old for his 1st Birthday! Thanks Gymboree! 

Class Type: Family

Location: Encino

Excellent Friendly Staff!

Beautiful gym, very clean and bright. Excellent friendly staff. Love the instruments and the bubbles! 


Class Type: Family 

LocationLinden Ridge Shopping Center 

We Love Gymboree Teachers!

Miss. Roxanne has a great energy level with the kids! Her love for kids comes through when she continually shows great patience with my son. 

Class type: Family 

Location: N. Tampa 

Two Thumbs up for Gymboree!!

Everyone was extremely helpful and the gym was clean and well kept! 

Class Type: Family 

Location: Beaverton 

5 Years of Fun, Playing, and Learning

After more then an amazing 5 years of fun, playing, learning and networking it's time for us to say goodbye. We will be keeping you and your smile in our hearts forever. Elle was born with Gymboree and loves you deeply and Gianluca just fell in love with Elena! We are now "grown-up"and need to move to our new duties and occupations. It is hard to leave and it's harder for me as I will loose the joy of always meeting international and exceptional people. Continue to work to keep Kids smiling and encouraging their talents! 


Class Type: Family 

Location: Munich 

We Look Forward to Coming Back!

I enjoyed seeing my daughter interact with the other children and directive play.The facility is clean, welcoming and very child friendly. We look forward to coming back!


Class Type: Family 

Location: Oklahoma City 

Thank You Gymboree!

 I went to Calgary one day when my baby was upset and used my free class coupon at Gymboree Play & Music and its like miracles do happen these days. He was so active so energetic so happy, Miss Charlie was greaaaaat... She made our day!!!! She's the BEST!!!! There are not enough words to describe the joy my baby had that day .. Thank you Gymboree and thank you Miss Charlie for that wonderful day. 

Class Type: Family 

Location: Calgary 

Very Happy with my Experience!

This is our 2nd visit to Gymboree Play and Music and so far so good. Our teacher Julie has been awesome. Very happy with my experience so far. Can hardly wait to back next week. I think this is a great learning experience and awesome way for my daughter to be with other children with the help of her teacher Julie. 

Class Type: Family 

Location: South Pasadena

My Son Loves Going to Class

Miss Megan is one of the friendliest, nicest teachers and my son loves going to class with her. 

Class Type: Family 

Location: Pine Brook 

Thank You Gymboree!!

All the staff at Gymboree Play and Music is so warm, welcoming and enthusiastic. My son's teacher Ms. Liz is simply incredible. Her patience, kindness and will to really work with the student is just amazing. Given this job requires more dedication than anything considering toddlers are a handful, she never fails to exceed the parents expectations. Other credible staff members we really adore are Ariel and the former staff member Nina. Kelsey the replacement for Nina is truly a doll as well, always smiling and ready to embrace the kids. Thank you Gymboree for discovering the talents on our kids and bringing out their confidence!


Class Type: Family

Location: Lawrenceville 

My Daughter Loves the Teacher!

Alexis loves the teacher, Miss Rose. Alexis, age 2, says, "I want to be Miss Rose when I grow up and give out the Gymbo stamp!" 


Class Type: Family 

LocationNorthbrook-Northbrook Court Mall   

Iv'e Seen my Son Learn and Grow!

Laura is amazing, so sad she is leaving us. Everyone else is great too. My son has been going for almost 10 months now and he loves it. I've seen him learn and grow. :) it's always fun! 


Class Type: Family 

LocationChula Vista   

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

We had the best time celebrating Isha's Frozen theme birthday party at Gymboree Play & Music! Playing Frozen songs, fun snow activities and above all the active teachers made the event very exciting for the little ones. Ms Jeralyn and Alexis were very active, fun and friendly! Thanks for an amazing experience :)

Class Type: Family Classes
First Name: Divya
City: Missouri City
State: Texas

Birthdays at Gymboree Merrick Park

I just celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday at Gymboree with Tatiana, Samantha, Chelsea and Annie. I have to say that coming from someone who loves to party plan and have birthday parties at home this was by far the best birthday party!!!! From scheduling everything with Georgi to having Annie greet everyone at the front desk upon arrival the day of the party....everything was awesome. Tatiana, Samantha and Chelsea were great with the kids and setting things up. I am 8 months pregnant with #3 and I have been a loyal Gymboree customer at Merrick Park since they opened in Feb. 2011. These girls are great!!!!! I am going back at the end of August to celebrate my oldest daughter's 5th birthday there!

Class Type: Family Classes

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