Family Classes

Mobile - 5 years

A perfect solution for siblings, family classes support the best of multi-aged learning. Cruisers, toddlers and preschoolers converge in a class filled with songs, circle dances and cooperative play that unite and delight young learners of every age. Together, you'll explore slides, ramps, bridges, tunnels, songs, movement games and parachute activities in this mixed-age class that supports the development of physical, language and social skills.

Growing up at Gymboree!

I have been bringing my daughters to Gymboree on West 73rd Street in NYC since my oldest daughter was 11 months old (she is now 4)! We love the teachers, and Stephanie is an incredible asset to the Gymboree team. I now bring both of my daughters to the art and music classes. My youngest daughter (15 months) loves her weekly gym class. I'm so happy that I've been able to watch my daughters grow and learn in such a safe, nurturing and fun environment!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: New York
State: New York

Thank you Miss Annie, Miss Carol and Miss Ana from Gymboree Pinecrest!

Hi there! We move from Washington-DC to Florida abBirthday party for kids, Parties in Pinecrest, Kids Parties in Florida, Pinecrest Birthday Parties, Activities for kids Pinecrestout 6 months ago. As any big change, this was not so easy on my two children Davi and Gabriella Bodoh 4 and 2 years old respectively. However, I have to thank the teachers Miss Annie, Miss Carol at Gymboree who through their love and care for my children made this transition easier and helped them (and me!) feel loved in a new place where we knew NOBODY (but Gymbo!). Bringing them to the classes has helped them to have a great start at school, since they got used to the routine and to be around different children. Yesterday we celebrated Gabriella's birthday at Gymboree Pinecrest and the children had a blast! Miss Annie and Miss Anna were very professional but still loving and fun with the children. They do know how to leader a large group (20 very active children!) and engage them to want to do the plays! In short, I want to thank Miss Annie, Miss Carol who are Davi's and Gabi's current teachers in their activities on Wednesday's; Also thank to Miss Alessandra who is very welcoming at the front desk; and last but not least, Miss Anna who was great at the birthday party yesterday!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Pinecrest
State: Florida


Birthday Party Fun

Erin, sold me the first time I called about setting up a birthday party for my four year old. She was knowledgable, thorough, friendly and she answered all my questions. The day of the party I became more impressed and excited about being at this Gymboree Play & Music. Erin communicated with me constantly, sang, danced and had great energy. The food and set up was taken care of and I was able to enjoy myself and celebrate with my daughter. All our guests reported having fun and they were very impressed with the party.

Class Type: Family Classes

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I took my daughter (20mo) to a birthday party at Gymboree and she ended up having so much fun I had to practically drag her out. We are planning her birthday party there in August. I'm sure she can't wait and neither can I.

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Wilmington
State: Delaware

I had fun at Gymboree!

We attended the first annual spring fling party at tGymboree Play & Musiche Toms River Gymboree Play & Music last night. The facility is always clean, bright and cheery. The owners go above and beyond to decorate special for each themed party and make the party special for each child. They always greet everyone and make the children and parents feel so welcome. The party was a blast and my son got in the car and said "I had fun at Gymboree". This is coming from a child who has a speech delay, but loves his Gymboree and Ms. Michele!!

Class Type: Family Classes


Growing up at Gymboree

My little guy is getting bigger by the day. HGymboree Play & Musice has really developed his new found skills since we began going to Gymboree. He started just crawling and now can be found running from one slide to another on any given day.

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Naperville
State: Illinois


Muscle girl

When you have your second child you are constantly comGymboree Play & Musicparing milestones to the first and waiting for those first moments. Our little one Olivia (5 months) did her first push up at open gym and we couldn't have been happier as her big brother Adam (22 months) looked on happily as we'll!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Norwood
State: Massachusetts


"My Very Own Bubble"

We are new at Gymboree Play & Music and my 3 year old participated in bubbles and parachutGymboree Play & Musice time and loved it. Fascinated with the bubble she caught on her finger she continued to balance that one bubble for a couple minutes until it popped. Her playful imagination brought Gymboree bubbles and parachute time home with her that same day. I overheard her say "oh my, what a mess." When I peeked around the corner she was trying to sing and blow bubbles and spilled them everywhere. She was playing parachute as well and asked me "momma, would you like to play Gymboree with me?" She was using her baby sisters pack and play sheet as the parachute and was shaking the sheet singing "pop pop pop" as if she was popping the rest of the bubbles on her parachute. "Momma, I think I need a big girl parachute." So, while cleaning up spilled bubbles this afternoon, I thought with a smile "that's my gymboree story."

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Lititz
State: Pennsylvania


Brother Family Time

My boys love coming to Gymboree familyGymboree Play & Music of Chandler, AZ classes. The funniest memory I have is when my son was trying to pretend to lay on the ground and sleep. Ms. Sue the teacher told them all to lay on the ground and go to sleep. He had his eyes squinted shut and started to begin to pretend to snore. It was so cute. He was really trying to pretend to sleep. Not sure why he thought you needed to snore while you sleep. Must hear his dad.

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Chandler
State: Arizona



We adore Teacher Mark and all of Gymboree. This is my first time doing anything with Gymboree, and I am delighted that there is a class for both of my girls (ages 16 months and 3 1/4 yrs) together! I get a workout too! We look forward to this time, and I have met a lot of nice parents during classes and open gym. It is a wonderful asset to the community. Please give Mark a raise! I can't wait until it's my daughters' birthdays (fall) because we are certainly having their parties at Gymboree!

Class Type: Family Classes

Mighty Miracle Mia opens up at Gymboree!

Toddler Classes, Classes for toddlers, Family Classes, Family Play, Infant Development, Kids Development Center, Activities for Kids ChicagoMia was born September 15th, 2009. At my five month ultrasound I was called back in to talk with the doctor about something they had found. Our unborn baby girl had CDH. A Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. This means that her diaphragm never closed and all of the things that are supposed to be under the diaphragm moved up into her chest cavity and prevented her lungs from growing as they were supposed to. Right then and there, we were given the grim words," 50% of CDH kids survive and 50% wont." Fast forward four months and we were in Chicago giving birth to our sweet girl who at the time, we didn't know if we would ever be able to bring her home. Mia entered the world quietly, no cry, no sounds and she was rushed away from me and instantly put onto a breathing machine. It was the scariest moment of our lives.

Mia fought hard. She had multiple blood transfusions, surgeries and was but on ECMO, a machine who basically did all the work her body could not handle. She laid in a hospital bed for one month before I was even allowed to hold her. Finally, after three long months in the hospital we got to bring our sweet girl home! Being she was in the hospital for so long, she was behind in many aspects physically. She rolled over late, sat late and walked late. She was fed by a feeding bag for the first three years of her life. Only in these last few months she has started to eat all of her calories! But being she was so fragile, we kept Mia away from her peers for many reasons. We didn't want her feeding tube pulled, we didn't want her to be pushed over and hurt and mainly, we didn't want to get her sick! A girl with half a set of lungs does not handle illness well. What we didn't think about, is how that would effect her socially.

That's where Gymboree comes in! I signed her up for a class a few months ago now that she is stronger and healthy. She started off very slow and concerned about her surroundings. But slowly and surly she got into a line to wait for her turn. She started to try new things after watching other kids try something. She is still cautious and still takes things slowly but she asks each and every day if we are going to Gymboree. Her face lights up each Wednesday morning when I tell her yes, today is Gymboree day! Gymboree Play & Music has provided a safe, clean and wonderful environment for my sweet girl. She may just seem like every other kid but what you don't see, is that she is a miracle who has opened up and learned that she is capable of much more then any of us could have ever imagined. Thank you Gymboree. The McCabe family loves you!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: West Chicago
State: Illinois


Family Class

Julia and Justin have a great time at the multiage class at Gymboree Play & Music!!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Melbourne
State: Florida

Love Gymbo Class

We started going to GymboreePlay & Music when Blake was 6 months old. I have met a wonderful group of friends, and Blake has a wonderful circle of friends too! I feel very blessed to have met friends that I have, and am greatful to Gymboree for starting these friendships. I am also very impressed with the amount of love that the teachers truly have for our children. Blake LOVES going to Gymboree Family classes and looks forward to it every week! Thank you for all the memories you have created and continue to create!!!!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Melbourne
State: Florida

Wish we could afford it

GymboreeI am a mother of 2 small boys and have been fighting cancer for the last two years. My youngest, named Preston, was 9 months old when I was diagnosed so his mommy fell off the planet in a way. I had to immediately stop breast feeding him. Since then, he has completely shut down in trying to learn how to communicate with all the people that have been coming to take care of him when I am going to treatments. He needs some interaction with other children so that he can hopefully start to speak again. I miss his little voice. If I could get this help, it would mean the world to us as I cannot afford to go This is a hard fight. Thank you very much.

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Lee's Summit
State: Missouri


My beautiful butterfly!

Family Classes, Family Play, Play Classes, Family Activities, Family GymI started to notice my daughter clinging to me at all times and decided that she needed some interaction with children she did not know. I can say that after about a year of Play & Learn classes she is a changed little girl. She has not only learned so many social skills there, she has learned so much about imaginative play that I see her doing the same play at home. Her teacher Miss Kristen has transformed by awkward toddler into a beautiful social butterfly. We love Gymboree & Miss Kristen and have made some wonderful friends there!

Class Type: Family Classes
State: Pennsylvania


My Little Bear

My son, Teddy, goes to the Gymboree play classes with his babysitter andGymboree Play & Music her daughter, who is a few months older then him, 3 days a week. On Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, I finally get to go wtih him and see what he has learned through out the week. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, my son lets out a squeal of delight. By the time we're in the door it's all I can do to get his shoes off before he attacks the entry way to the play area. Then he is bounding around the room, showing me his favorite play things and knowing exactly how to work them! It is truly amazing to see how confident, friendly, independent, and athletic he is becoming. He loves the classes and the teachers and it shows. I am ever thankful for these play classes, as they allow him tons of interaction and some special one on one time with Mommy on Wednesdays and Saturdays :)

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio


James the Jumper

We initially started going to Gymboree Play & Music after a recommendation by his physical therapist to involve him in activities that would encourage James to become more confident about his physical abilities. He was born at 29 1/2 weeks, weighed 2 lbs 5 oz and was in an early intervention program for physical therapy shortly after we were able to bring him home from the NICU. To say that James was and is a cautious child is definitely an understatement! When we started last year, James and his sister, Mary, instantly loved Gymboree, but James was very skeptical of any activity that required risk taking. Each week , I could see his confidence increasing, although he would not jump off of any of the equipment- even if his hands were held. Eventually he became confident enough to jump while his hands were held! A couple weeks ago that all changed. James not only jumped off by himself with no one holding his hand at Gymboree, but has since then been jumping off the side of the pool! Our family couldn't be more pleased with the progress our Gymboree experience has afforded James! Thank you Gymboree!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Cranberrry Township
State: Pennsylvania

Balancing Act

My son, who was 2 at the time, learned how to walk across a balance beam at Gymboree Play & Music! Some of his milestones have been a little behind the bar (he was born 10 weeks premature) but this is a task that surpassed some of his 2 year old counterparts! I was so proud!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee

Dance Gymbo Dance

We love everything Gymboree Play & Music and the Los Altos locatiGymboree Play & Musicon has become like a second home for both my 4 and 2 yr old for the last 4 years! My son loves his School Skills class with Teacher Dawn and my daughter loves her Play & Learn class with of course Teacher Dawn. Teacher Dawn's enthusiasm and love for her job and children is felt by all in her class. Teacher Dawn brings the same enthusiasm to every class, I don't think she ever has a bad day :-)! But we are also really enjoying our 3rd class for the week at Gymboree the Sunday morning family play class with Teacher Justine. Teacher Justine has such energy, compassion and understanding for working with families and kids of all ages. She keeps the class moving and we just love it! My husband loves that he too can share in the class and all of our favorite is the song "Dance Gymbo Dance!" See video attached. Thank you Gymboree for being such a huge positive and fun influence on my children.

Class Type: Family Classes
City: Los Altos
State: California


Sleep, Gymbo Sleep

We have been taking our daughter to Gymboree play classes since she was just 8 months old. At first, we had to hold her and guide her through all aspects of the class, especially the final dancing song. Through the weeks and months, she has been able to sit on her own, crawl, walk, and move her hands along with Gymbo and the instructor. Each week, she remembers a bit more, including moving side to side, peek-a-boo, and Gymbo hugs. Most recently, she started to lie down on the ground during "Sleep, Gymbo Sleep"! She even looked over at me, put her finger to her lips, and whispered "Shhhhhhhh" because I was doing it wrong :)! It has been such a delight to see her confidence and personality grow through participating in Gymboree classes!

Class Type: Family Classes
City: West Linn
State: Oregon

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