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A large portion of a child’s development is highly influenced by fSchool Skills Classes, Preschool Activities, Preschooler Activities, Activities for school, School Social Skillsactors in their environment and the experiences t hey encounter. My son TJ has been enrolled in Gymboree Play and Music for about two years. His teachers Shawn, Melany and Megan are amazing and play an enormous role in TJ’s development. Teachers are an important source of security and comfort.

Since joining the Gymboree family, TJ’s social and mental skills have blossomed. He interacts well with other children. TJ understands the concept of sharing with others, waiting his turn and he is able to express his needs and feelings. Thanks to Shawn, Melany and Megan, TJ is expanding his communication skills and vocabulary skills. I am watching TJ become very confident and self sufficient.

Teachers dealing with toddlers must be very creative with their teaching styles. Each child is unique and has his / her own way of learning. Teachers have the difficult daily task of setting up lesson plans that each child will learn and benefit from, regardless of their learning style. Shawn, Melany and Megan make learning creative and fun for TJ. They encourage him to always do his best.

At the end of each day, we talk about his day at Gymboree classes. TJ always tells me about his school day with enthusiasm and interest. TJ truly enjoys his Gymboree classes. Not too long ago, TJ happily told me about how his class made butter! TJ was excited and amazed! TJ loves being read to as well. Another routine TJ and I have at bed time is to talk about which story was read at Gymboree that day. TJ will actually tell me about the story! On many occasions, TJ has asked me to buy him books that Megan has read to the class. Not too long ago, TJ asked me to buy him the book ‘The Way I Feel’ by Janan Cain. This book helps TJ to recognize and express his moods and feeling.

I am happy that TJ is a part of the Gymboree family!
Shawn, Melany and Megan have helped TJ to grow and develop. I honestly don’t know what TJ would do without his Gymbo family!!

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City: Yorktown
State: New York


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