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A Little Fun Goes A Long Way

From hosting two college students in our home to my husband workinSports Classes, Active Play, Sports Classes for Kids, Preschool Prep, Preschool Alternative, Activities for Kids, Activities for Childreng overtime, our family life has been a little crazy lately, and my 3-year-old son Jayden had been feeling it perhaps more than anyone. The lack of attention had him acting out more than his usual good-natured self. I decided to enroll him and his sister in Gymboree sports classes to get them out of the house and help prepare him for kindergarten, and it has been so helpful as a positive outlet. He is currently in Sports II. Even though it's a drop-off class, I often watch through the lobby window because I think it is as entertaining for me as it is for him. Most of the time he is cracking up as he plays with the other kids his age, and he just seems so in his element. It carries through to home life too, as it gives him a place to learn, shine, and use his energy in a positive way!

Class Type: Sports
City: Carmel
State: Indiana


Comments for A Little Fun Goes A Long Way

Name: Casie and Eileen
Time: Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sports II is a fun class for you little ones to learn a specific sport in 4 weeks. It is so exciting to see them learn and grow by Hitting Balls in T-ball, Kicking the ball in Soccer, or Tumbling in Gymnastics.

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