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Friday, November 19, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

We havGymboree San Diego, Baby Classes San Diego, Toddler Classes San Diego, Kids Classes San Diego, Baby Activities San Diego, Toddler Activities San Diego, Kids Play San Diegoe been taking our son to Gymboree classes for over two years now. We were first introduced to it through a birthday party being hosted at Gymboree. From that day on, we have watched him develop his language skills, socialization with kids his age, as well as test his physical limitations. Miss Heather at Scripps Poway has been there every step of the way, encouraging his development and participation in class. She truly has a magnetic personality that has exceeded any expectation of ours. The kids love her and respond to her. I can't say enough about how instrumental Gymboree has been in not only teaching my son, but in teaching me about childhood development skills. Gymboree is a terrific child early learning center.

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Peers become more interesting to young children, especially throughout the preschool years and beyond. A prominent researcher of social development, Kenneth H. Rubin et al., recently demonstrated that infants imitate simple toy actions of their peers as early as twelve months. Not only does this finding suggest that children as young as one year are trying to make sense of what their peers do, it supports the importance of the role peers play in a child’s development.  Scheduling play dates with other parents and children is an effective and fun way to provide your child with unstructured time to explore and play at her own pace and with peers. Participating in organized playgroups or parent-child participation programs is a great way for children to interact alongside each other with your supervision. Playgroups also provide you a place to share concerns, parenting tips, and adult conversation with other parents. Come to Gymboree Play & Music, offering terrific early childhood learning centers for over thirty years. 

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