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Monday, November 22, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

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The teacher for our preschool Art classes for kids, Michelle, has been amazing. She is attentive to every child and watches for ques from the children as to when she may need to switch things up. We have really enjoyed having her as our Art teacher. These preschool age activities are truly getting us ready for Kindergarten.

Class Type: Art
City: Oceanside
State: New York



Not only is the learning experience enhanced when children and adults solve problems together, it is also enriched when children are actively engaged with each other. Many children need to observe each other first before feeling comfortable enough to try a new art process. It can be difficult at first when your toddler begins to express his newfound independence, especially in a group setting with peers. However, it is the group setting that allows opportunity for your child to “socialize.”  Art activities provide tangible tools for expression. Toddlers enjoy expressing their independence and use objects to do so when in the presence of others. For example, when coloring, the process of holding onto a crayon as a personal possession is just as enjoyable as discovering what it can do. Rest assured that even if your toddler decides to hold onto a crayon instead of coloring with it, he is satisfying an emotional need and learning something through observation.  Learning to leverage independence around adults and eventually collaborate with peers is critical for toddlers. Art provides a perfect arena to build skills needed for social competence. Plan opportunities for you and your child to create with others and make sure there are plenty of supplies to go around.



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