Art Class at Gymboree in Chicago!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My daughter Ashley lovesArt Classes in Chicago, Chicago Art Classes, Toddler Art Classes Chicago, Kids Art Classes Chicago, Art Activities Chicago, Chicao Art Places to paint, draw and color. After her first toddler Art class in Chicago, she has been bouncing off the walls to go back and do more. I am learning great creative kids activities to do at home with her to help her development through play. After getting Gymboree feedback and Gymboree reviews from other parents in my area, I knew I had to check out these toddler classes. So far it's been a wonderful experience and we look forward to class every week.

Class Type: Art
City: Chicago
State: Illinois

There’s Meaning in Mess - Let your child explore with paint. It sounds easy enough, but for many parents, it’s hard to let go and allow for mess. The mess factor involved when young children create is important and can reveal a lot. Messes can teach parents about children’s emotions and can be used as a bridge for communication.  Often times, the mess children make results from their excitement as they engross themselves in the art activity. It’s also possible that mess making is an indirect sign of frustration or unhappiness. By allowing your child to freely explore art and observing the methods she uses in the process, you can gain useful information for opening the doors to communication. Comment on how she applies the paint or on the pace at which she colors, and expand on her reactions – and eventually her words.  You can minimize the “mess stress” you feel by ensuring your child has plenty of room to move. Cover work areas with newspaper and make available wipes or towels. Provide child-appropriate utensils like chunky paintbrushes, shallow paint containers and large sheets of paper that support your child’s physical capabilities. There are also “ready for mess” art programs you can enroll in, like the Gymboree Arts program, that provide a developmentally appropriate place for you and your child to explore art together.

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