Brayden's journey

Thursday, September 8, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

We have been bringing our son to Gymboree Play & Music Play and Learn classes for several years now. Brayden was born premature and was diagnosed with a disorder that causes global developmental delays and well as a spectrum disorder which causes issues with sensory issues as well of social development. By attending Gymboree classes, we have been able to help him in so many ways that just therapy interventions couldn't. The stimulation the child receives while there is from everywhere from auditory to tactile to just from the movement of climbing and playing. The social aspect is wonderful as well at teaching children to take turns, share, model each other, and just engage each other in play. Even Brayden's therapists have been welcomed to do his therapy there and give us tips on activities there that are especially helpful to him. Who knew the connection of climbing and swinging to developing language and promoting speech? Our son has truly blossomed from the child he was when he first began attending classes at Gymboree and we couldn't be more pleased with all of the staff that we have come into contact with. Considering our son's sensory issues being very sensitive to noises and crowds we could never have had a birthday party at a typical chuck e cheese type place so we chose to have his party there at Gymboree which was nice and we were able to invite a good # of kids to join along with our family. Many people may say that "well..I can take my kids to the park to play for free" yes but.. you cannot do that in bad weather and its not a clean environment free from sick kids playing right next to your child. Gymboree is somewhere you know is clean and safe to bring your smaller children as well as preschool age kids to play inside and they have strict guidelines about sick children and attendance. They change their entire set up every few weeks as well so that is constantly new and different for the children to challenge themselves at new discoveries. The classes themselves are all set up with age appropriate themes and tasks but there are also open gym times for when your children just need to blow off some steam and you frankly need a little break yourself. It's nice to sit on a comfy mat and watch them explore and play and wear themselves out:) I am so glad and thankful that Gymboree Play & Music was there when my son was growing from a baby to a little boy so that we had someplace fun he could go to that would also be good for him and his development!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky

Children's physical, cognitive, language and learning development, does not always come in a nice neat package.  At Gymboree Play & Music you are right beside your child every step of the way working on your child's education and learning activities in a easy fun way.  The fun that your child has in class will set a foundation of a future love of learning and activities in the future.   

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