Called to Rise

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

“We never know how high we are till we are called to rise.”
~ Emily Dickinson ~

Our twins Nicholas and Christopher graced our loving home two Christmases ago and have been a blessed handful ever since. Born early the boys were accomplishing the most amazing milestones of development Alyssa and my hopeful eyes could have ever imagined, each milestone giving them a new strength in life and giving our joyous hearts new strength as parents. As a parent you think once your babies are out of the Neonatal intensive care unit and your babies are sleeping through the night safe and sound nothing could calm and warm your heart so very much. But being a parent becomes a means of endearment for every little thing your child has to overcome probably for the rest of their lives.

Little Nicholas had recently ran into one of those developmental walls that looked as if it might be one that would hold him back, which makes any parent’s heart fall a bit. Alyssa and I had noticed that our little Nicholas was having some trouble walking at the same pace as his brother Christopher. We were encouraged to have a physical therapist take a look at him with a follow up by the doctor. As a parent you never want to see your child set back at any rate when working towards any of their developmental milestones. We were waiting frantically to see the physical therapist and the doctor again to make sure things were not going to be of a major concern. The appointment with the physical therapist was the Monday following our Sunday Gymboree class.

That Sunday Daddy was lucky enough to spend time with Nicholas. I remember Nicholas struggling through the play goals set up and me just worrying about that Monday coming up the next day with the physical therapist. Suddenly we heard the bells ringing for parachute time, Nicholas’s favorite experience of every class. Instead of hurrying excited for bubble time and all the parachute fun, Nicholas was focused on going back to one of the difficult bridge activities he was struggling with most during the class free period.

At that moment I saw this fierce determination in his eyes as he was attempting to conquer walking up the steps and running across the bridge and descending the ramp. The first two times he struggled a bit with the stairs and ramp and then something clicked. Suddenly he stomped up those stairs, ran across the bridge with intensity and did not even stop as he ran down the ramp. He continued to stomp up the stairs, run across the bridge and speed down the ramp for the rest of the class. Nicholas was so proud of his accomplishments I literally had to drag him away from the activity after class.

That was definitely one of the most precious moments with Nicholas I have experienced since our NICU days. At that moment I knew that the physical therapist was going to find nothing wrong with Nicholas and his development. I was also sure that the doctor was going to support the findings of the physical therapist. That following week both those predictions came true and I knew that what I had witnessed with Nicholas that day was one of the most important accomplishments in his early lifetime. A moment I think Nicholas might have been just a bit more proud of than; even I was, if that is possible. Moments like this is truly what Gymboree Play & Music is all about!

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