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Thursday, March 24, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Early Learning Center, Gymboree Early Learning Classes, Baby Play, Child Education Center, Children's Music Classes, Musical Movement, Music Activities for Children, Music Activities for Toddlers, Music Activities for BabiesI recently moved to Corona, CA and I enrolled my son in Music classes and Play & Learn classes at Gymboree. My son is 4 years old and happens to have quadriplegic cerebral palsy, I mention this because ALL the Gymboree staff has been great with my son. I remember during clean up time my son crawled (he can't walk) with the maracas in his back pockets and the teacher waited patiently for him to give her the maracas. After my son gave her the maracas, she asked for a high 5, which my son loves to do, but he likes the person he gives the high-5 to, to pretend that he is so strong the high-5 hurt and to rub their hand on their pants. So behind my son I waited while he communicated what he wanted but she didn't understand so I gestured to her, he didn't notice I told her so he felt he communicated all by himself. He finally gave her a high-5 she said "ouch Ivan your so strong" and rubbed her hand on her pants. He started to laugh and was so proud of himself, don't forget this was during class time all the other parents and kids had waited patiently for my son to communicate and when he laughed they all laughed with him, which made him even happier. He has such a silly personality he loves being the center of attention, and for the teacher and parents that are in that class, have never asked me what is wrong with your son, or even said sorry to me or him. They all just look at us with smiles and say he has really come along way since his first day . Thanks to all those people that acknowledge my son for the individual he is and not his disability.

Class Type: Music
City: Corona
State: California

Good Job Ivan! Gymboree Play & Music offers a special space for all children to come and learn at their own pace. Each child learns differently at different levels and different times. Gymboree has created a seven level program to help children develop at the right pace for them. Classes start at newborn and go up to 5 years old. Gymboree has found that children's development through play is the best way to learn, especially surrounded by the one's they love. From our early learning programs to our playground preschool, we have the right class for you

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