Discovered Gymboree on vacation, feel in love back home

Thursday, September 13, 2012 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My wife and I visited our first Gymboree location on an extended vacation in South Florida when son was 3 months old. We had talked about trying Gymboree {;ay & Music and scheduled a preview at the Coral Gables location during out time in the Miami area. We loved the Play & Learn 1 class and the teacher Shema had a wonderful singing voice and we felt we could learn a lot as new parents with this Gymboree thing. The parent share time was insightful and we thought, we need to try this when we get home. When we returned home to Maryland we found our local Gymboree in Columbia, MD. The experience was equally good and we signed up. We have been taking our son ever since and that was 8 months ago. Our experience started a something fun to do with the baby, and expanded to a place to learn parenting tips, to meet other parents with similar age children and an out the house activity to fill the day. Soon our son began to enjoy tummy time, he started lifting his head, rolling over, crawling, clapping his hands, reaching for and grasping objects, climbing, and cruising and taking his first steps all at Gymboree. Something in the Gymboree classes called out all of these development milestones this helps us remember each of them very clearly. Now our 11 month old loves to play with other children and he quickly mimics any developmental behavior he observes with older kids, such as ball tossing he learned two weeks ago. He loves his current teacher, Ms. Christina and we do too. He has friends he's known for half his young life and attending Gymboree gave us more confidence and an instant network as new / young parents. We love Gymboree and look forward to trying other play classes as he gets older. We are considering music and art as options when the schedules align.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Laurel
State: Maryland

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