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Play Classes, Infant Classes, Toddler Classes, Classes for Kids, Kids ActivitiesMy daughter Elayna (21 months old) has grown to love Gymboree Play & Music. She is an extremely independent child, always running away. She even figured out how to call the elevator, to assist in her escape. This can be quite frustrating, considering her 8 month old brother tags along to class also. However, over the past few months she has become increasingly settled thanks to all the teachers and their great patience!! She takes away so much from the music classes and from time to time a 5min walk will take us 10mins, beacuase we have to do the "mango walk". She has a soft spot for her music teacher Miss Sarah (we find all the teachers super) and Gymbo the Clown of course. When I tell her we are going to see Gymbo, she jumps up and down and side to side.

Class Type: Music
City: Forest Hills
State: New York

Comments for Elayna-Grace

Name: Norma Twomey
Time: Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elayna is thriving since she started going to Gymboree, she love it and is always so happy after Gymboree. She is really benefiting from it and from Gymbo the clown.

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