Go Gymboree!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Miss Lucinda was an outstanding teacher and an amazing person, whose joy for life and love for kids shined through everything she did. She was truly one of a kind; shown by the huge turnout of Gymboree families at her celebration of life. The Federal Way Gymboree Play & Music is above and beyond because of the family atmosphere, the true care for my kids and family, and the exceptional knowledge the teachers have. All the teachers have been there since my daughter started Gymboree play classes almost 5 years ago, and my son 2 years ago; that longevity and consistency has created a open, trusting relationship between my kids and the teachers. The proof is seeing how much my kids LOVE going to Gymboree, and the amazing things they have learned. I cannot say enough great things about Hilaire, Miss Becky, Miss Anne, Miss Suzie and Miss Jennifer, and how much the Federal Way Gymboree has enriched our whole family.

Class Type: Play & Learn

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