Going the extra "Milestone"!

Friday, January 28, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

How much do Mr. Robert and Ms. Michele carBaby Classes, Play Classes, Music and Movement, Baby Play, Toddler Play, Toddler Classes, Baby Classes Manhatten, Baby Classes Long Island, Toddler Classes Manhatten, Toddler Classes Long Island, Meeting Other Parents, Mommy & Me Classese about the babies they teach!??!?! THIS MUCH! (insert huge Gymbo hug here)...

One day in our Plainview Gymboree Play & Music class, I was inquiring about what month my baby might start sitting up on his own. Ms. Michele immediately smiled her way over to Cohen and I, and showed me how to position him in the, "Tripod" pose- with his legs open in a triangle and his hands supporting him between them, on the floor. Something I never would have known on my own!

Fast forward five days...we were at our East Northport play classes, and Mr. Robert looks at Cohen and asks, "So!? What's new? Are you sitting up yet?" To which I answered, "No, but Ms. Michele taught us this..." and I put Cohen in the Tripod.

Well, right then and there, Cohen lifted his hands off the mat, and sat up by himself at Gymboree! We took a picture and you can see it here! Mr. Robert was jumping for joy (literally)! He even timed it (four minutes)!

From that day on, Cohen has been sitting by himself! I thought it was so amazing how Ms. Michele and Mr. Robert BOTH had a part in one of Cohen's major milestones, and they weren't even in the same room!

I am a teacher, and I truly appreciate how much Mr. Robert and Ms. Michele CARE about their babies/parents! They get so excited when they see a baby doing something new, possibly (if it's possible) more excited than the parents!

We LOVE going to Gymboree play classes, we love to meet other parents, and our teachers, the toys/props, the comfort level, and the whole experience in general! Gymboree will always be part of the great memories of these special first months with our child!

I could really go on and on about all the advice, how Cohen went from being a shy crybaby who was afraid of the parachute to a baby who hardly ever cries at all, how Ms. Michele found me a group of 4 other mommies and their babies to be friends with, and more but I want to leave room for other people! :)

Class Type: Play & Learn 1 (0-6 months)
City: Plainview and East Northport
State: New York

When you have a baby at six months of age it is so important to feel that their first education program is the best that you can provide.  Our loving, talented teachers and curriculum is the reason why so many parents turn to Gymboree Play & Music when the are looking for a class for infants from birth through six months of age.

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