Great Instructors!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

We loved MissGymboree Play & Music in Tampa, Gymboree Play & Music in Florida, Gymboree Classes, Baby Classes in Tampa, Toddler Classes in Tampa, Kid Classes in Tampa Stacey when we used to attend our Gymboree Play & Learn class on Thursday, but now we have Mr. Tony for play classes on Monday. They are both wonderful, fun, energetic, smart, and engaging with the children. Great instructors! Gymboree has wonderful early infant development classes available and they truly improve newborn development. We love every minute at Gymboree and we can't wait to learn more about baby play.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: St. Petersburg
State: Florida

In the beginning, toys and objects serve as play things for infants to suck, grab and swat and to eventually push, pull, drop and stack in an exploratory manner. It is common to see a one-year-old pick up an object and look at it as if he is thinking: What is this? How can I play with this? What will happen if I drop it? Will it move? Does it smell? Make noise? Through experimentation with toys and objects and through trial and error, the young child begins to make sense of the world.  As a parent, you become the prime candidate for channeling your child’s play experiences in a way that is challenging and developmentally appropriate. At our Gymboree Play & MUsic classes we give parents key points regarding play behavior to guide you in the process of enhancing your child’s social and cognitive development.

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