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Learning alongside your child can be so much fun! Gymboree Play & Music's creative classes are perfect for every stage of your young child's life, with activities expertly designed to boost every facet of development. Laugh, learn and play with new friends in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Gymbo...Hailey's Best Friend

Hailey has been going to Gymboree Play and Music iFun with Gymbo, Gymboree Play & Music of Clearwater, Florida, Play & Learn Classes, Music Classes, Art Classes, Baby Classes, Toddler Classes, Kids Classesn Countryside since she was 6 weeks old. She turned 2 on April 2nd and just loves her Play & Learn classes. We have taken part in Play & Learn, Music, and Art classes as well as the special events and her first birthday party in the past two years. For Christmas she got a "Jumbo Gymbo" and he quickly became her best buddy. She does EVERYTHING with him from tea parties to car rides, and even shares his clothes with him. One thing is for sure, if we are doing something fun or interesting she pipes up with "Gymbo coming too!" and runs to get him (if he isn't already in tow). We love the staff at our location so much that we travel almost 2 hours to get there each week even though there are locations closer to home. Hailey and I consider them our extended family and we hope to continue building memories and learning with them for the next three years too!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Clearwater
State: Florida

Gymboree Play & Music has 4 locations in the Tampa market and we would love for you to come try a FREE class. We offer multiple classes for children 0-5 years old, so are destined to find a class your child will love. From Music classes to Art classes, all of our classes are specially designed to developmentally help your children hit those special milestones. See you at Gymboree Play & Music soon! 

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