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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

There is so much I could say about Gymboree Play & Music. I am actually a teacher at Gymboree, for a little over a year now; and it has been the best job experience I could have ever gotten. I absolutely love working with the children, being able to watch them grow, and seeing not only the little one's smile but the parents happy as well. I teach the Play & Learn classes, School Skills, Art & Sports, and I can't pick a favorite because they are all so enjoyable. If you have a little one 5 & under, there is most definitely a class out there for them. I also get the joys of bringing my nephew to a Play & Learn 3 class on Saturday's and it's so amazing to also be apart of the class and get a feel of what it's like to personally be involved in a class when your not teaching. He has already learned so much, from climbing, to sharing, to playing with others, and having a great, fun, safe environment to help him figure out the world! I learn something new everyday I work at Gymboree, and enjoy working and being surrounded by such great teachers, children & families! I can't wait until I have children and they can experience the greatness of all the play classes and fun too!

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Quincy
State: Massachusetts

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