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Tuesday, December 13, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

All of the teachers (Ms. Jenny, Ms. Maryanne, Ms. Melissa, and Ms. Emily) dote on my son. He adores them and he talks about them when we get home. Some times he doesn't want to leave, well most of the time. He is learning and doing beyond anything I expected at his age. He can spell his name, he knows days of the week, he knows his shapes and colors. He is developing letter recognition skills, and he is learning how to write his letters. In addition, his counting is improving (one day he counted to 17). He knows how to count down and he is improving on number sequences. Most of all, I accredit his teachers for working with him and getting out of his shell. He plays with other children and he wants to play with them. He is learning patience and he doesn't get so anxious when another child gets in his space. I love Gymboree and would definitely recommend all parents to start their child off there. My son started with Sports classes and Family classes, now he is only in School Skills.

Class Type: School Skills

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