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Wednesday, August 22, 2012 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I am absolutely crazy about the ladies at our Gymboree.... They are INCREDIBLE in every way!!! Loving, kind, playful, engaging, smart, informed and always treat everyone with such warmth!! I have twin 20 month old twin boys and thought I would go to Gymboree for a class a week and that would be that. That is not the case at all... We are there at least twice a week, but usually three and sometimes four! It has been such a blessing and amazing impact for my boys and for me as a Mamma to twins. The ladies are absolutely incredible with them and Luke and Haden (my lil men) can not get enough of them!! We go to Danas class on Friday mornings and we try to go to Susans art class whenever we can. Every once and a while we even add in a lil Music class of Lisas. We also come at least once a week to the open gym time. Which a been a fantastic escape from sunscreen and bugs. Plus, it gives the boys a chance to just enjoy the ladies and play with their Gymboree buddies. It truly is as amazing place and I am grateful to have it and have the ladies be part of their lives, which they have for 7 months now. Its so much fun to walk in and see the boys react to Dana and run after her or see them give Susan "those eyes" waiting for what shes gonna say or do with them. As you can see.... I am a big fan and will be there for a long time!! Thank you ladies!!

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