We Love It All!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

We have absolutely no complaints or negatives about our Gymborehttp://www.gymboreeclasses.com/ene! And it has made a world of difference for our daughter. As first time parents, and a lack of local friends with like-aged kids, we were worried about our daughter getting enough play time with other kids her age. We tried taker her to local parks and she loves it there but she still didn't get much kid-on-kid play as everyone did their own thing usually. She basically didn't know how to play with other kids and just through everyone played "chase" so whenever any kids ran in her direction she smiled, screamed and ran the other way...or if in the mood she would chase other kids. Yes, there was some basic interaction but we wanted more for her than an hour or so at the parks. Gymboree Play & Music provided the perfect environment with similar age kids, parent supervision, and structured learning activities. It took her a couple weeks to adjust from doing her own thing to stopping and taking part in the planned activities of the teachers but now, already after only a couple months, she has adapted to organized play and takes part in the group activities. She has also had more kid interaction time and it helps seeing mostly the same kids each week too. Beyond getting safe, clean and supervised kid time and learning a bit more structure we can already see she is learning the skills and discipline that she will need when she starts pre-school/kindergarten which is an awesome extra benefit. The monthly price seems steep until you figure out she gets 4 structured play classes and plenty of extra play days when needed. We all love it! Thanks!

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