Grateful For Gymboree

Thursday, September 13, 2012 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I joined Gymboree Play & Music when my daughter was just under a year old...It was a difficult time in my life, as I was battling a bone marrow disease, and I was looking for an activity that would allow my daughter space to "roam about". Since that moment, the staff at the Oceanside Gymboree have exceeded my expectations. Jeanne always is kind, approachable, and friendly to me and my daughter. She always listened to me during a stressful time would pay close attention to Calleigh (my daughter) every time.... Colleen, my daughter's teacher, is energetic, upbeat, and knowledgeable of children's development. Calleigh will run into the room yelling, "Coyeeeen" and Colleen always takes the time (even while tending to the other children) to acknowledge Calleigh. It is impossible for me to express in words how grateful I am for Colleen and Jeanne!!

Class Type: Play & Learn

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