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Friday, August 5, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Music Classes, Music Class for Kids, Music Class for Toddlers, Toddlers Music, Music and Movement, Classes for MusicI work a full time job in 3 days and have 2 weekdays to spend with my daughter, so our time together is invaluable. Nevertheless, I choose to drive 45 mins to the Gymboree in North Wales each week so that we can spend part of our time together with Miss Vicky in the Music II class. My daughter has loved it since we started when she was 6 months old in the Music I class with Miss Vicky. Truthfully, I was really hoping that she was not going to like it because the drive is so far but Miss Vicky is a superb teacher and singer and my daughter just lights up the minute she walks into the classroom and is greeted by her. This is true not only for my daughter but every child that walks into her music room. I will continue to bring my daughter to this Gymboree because it has helped my daughter develop, not only physically and socially, but has also helped me to easily carry over the music lesson at home. My daughter from an early age recognized the songs that were sung in Music classes when I sang them at home. I am thankful that I found this Gymboree Play and Music and for the lessons my daughter has learned so far!

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