Jungle Excursion

Thursday, August 4, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Play & Learn Classes, Toddler Classes, Activities for Toddler, Child Development Center, Mommy & Me Classes, Child StimulationMy daughter, Holly, just broke her arm. She is still in a splint and sling since it just recently happened. We were a little apprehensive about having her to play classes. We didn't know how much she'll participate in the toddler activities. We also didn't know how the other kids would be around her.  We ended up taking her today in the Play & Learn 6 play class. We were very surprised of the outcome. Miss Jenna was an outstanding teacher! During the exploration part of follow the leader, it was great that Miss Jenna noticed that Holly could not do the swinging activities. As Miss Jenna was helping the other students across the monkey bars, she noticed Holly was on the "elephant ride"; she was really on the rocking horse. She commented on this and it made my daughter smile. Towards the end of the class, during parachute time, Miss Jenna requested the kids to lay on the floor mat so that the kids would not get hurt. At the end of the class session, Miss Jenna asked everyone to stomp their feet instead of doing the usual pat-pat-clap closing routine. My daughter was able to do some of this too! We were very pleased that Holly was able to participate in the "jungle excursion" and with the empathetic and awesome Miss Jenna, who taught today! Thanks for everything, Miss Jenna!

Class Type: Play & Learn

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