Gymboree...So worth the time and money!

Monday, January 17, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Gymboree of Brentwod, Play Classes, Play Classes Brentwood, Play Classes TN, Play & Learn Classes, Baby Classes TN, Baby Classes, Baby Classes Brentwood, Toddler Activities, Toddler Activities TN, Toddler Play, Toddler Play BrentwoodMy best friend and I started our sons in Gymboree play classes in Brentwood TN at 9 months. The boys loved the atmosphere of the classes and the gym for children from day one! The teachers are always enthusiastic and the class is very interactive. Erin, the owner, is always around and knows each child by name. The boys are 15 months now and still love our weekly play class! We also take advantage of open gym at least once a week. The theme each week is age appropriate and the class is wonderful. I am so happy that we are making the investment of our time and money. Baby number two is on the way and I can't wait to sign up for a new Gymboree class:)

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Brentwood
State: Tennessee

Gymboree activities support your baby’s development with baby boogies that encourage babies’ language development and introduce the basic ideas of rhythm and tempo.  Singing and moving together also nurtures a close bond between parents and children, and makes babies feel their bodies are capable and strong.  Your baby can also have equipment exploration.  When babies are free to explore inclines, slides, tunnels, and more it offers exciting new physical and sensory experiences for children.  These activities nurture babies’ confidence, self-esteem, and sense of competency (the belief that “I can do it”).  Exploring the equipment also deepens the trust between baby and parent, as babies turn to their loved ones for help and support as they attempt new “stunts.”  Physical play also enhances babies’ strength, balance, and coordination.  For the best mommy and me classes and kids activities for toddlers and preschoolers in Tennessee all the parents know to contact Gymboree Play & Music.  Gymboree Play & Music offers developmentally appropriate classes for your child.  Plus, at Gymboree Play & Music we have a large offering of OpenGym times where you little one can explore and have free play.  We know how important unstructured playtime is for small children, plus it is a great value for your budget.  Gymboree Play & Music has play, music, art, family and preschool drop off classes for your child.  It is a great place to meet other parents and find out about local information and have discussions and feedback in your area. 



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