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Haline is a Gleaming Example of What Anyone Instructing Children Should Be

I normally don't write reviews of any kind, however I've finally been moved to write my first one. I am writing today to express my happiness and gratitude for your programs, and what one instructor in particular has done and how she's made our lives better. Haline Borges is the instructor that I'd like to single out in my comments today. She is absolutely amazing. She is the gleaming example of what anyone instructing children should be.

As a business owner, a veteran and a firefighter, I have many pools of experience to draw from. I have a wide range of comprehensive tools on dealing with personalities in the workplace. It appears that you have what I like to call "perfect chemistry" in Haline. She's always bright, cheerful, energetic and simply very pleasant to be around. She comments to us often how much she loves what she does. We see how our daughter reacts to her and we couldn't be more thankful. We see her as a blessing.

Haline loves her work. It's obvious and it shines through everything she does. She's also a parent herself and draws from her personal experience to provide us parents with relevant real world advice which has saved my wife and I, and many other parents, hours upon hours of frustration. This in turn has made us better parents and better people. I never would have imagined that I would have encountered this experience that only Haline could have delivered, in order to make me a better parent.

I believe in Haline. I believe that she is special. All too often, the "business" of things interferes with what is truly important. We all wish for a personal experience when shopping, or learning or whatever it is that we are doing. We're human after all. We all want that interpersonal exchange. Haline delivers that personal touch effortlessly. Her grace in balancing the class activities, all the children and the personalities of all the different parents is unparalleled.

She's a natural. Thank you Haline!!!


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