Happily Ever After...

Thursday, January 27, 2011 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My daughter Satya is 34 months old (almWe're the Global Leader in Classes for Kidsost 3) and for weeks has been asking me, "Mommy, can I play soccer. Mommy, I want to do hockey with Bear & Fox (from Franklin), can I play softball like Syd (her babysitter)?" And my response as a single mom was always, "I will find a way for you to do all those things." It's a fairy tale come true; happily-ever-after because Gymboree offers an age appropriate, socialization and safe environment for her and her friends to experience all these NEW wonders of growing up. And for me, the single mom, it's something affordable, close to home, and with teachers I trust my child with. Not to gloat or brag, but Mr. Robert and Ms. Michele are solely the reasons my daughter still attends Gymboree play classes and flourishes in her growth and development outside the realms of what I am teaching her.
Thank you Gymboree, but more importantly, thank you Mr. Robert and Ms. Michele for being a rock and someone Satya looks up to, trusts and adores. You have no idea how much I appreciate your dedication and stability in our lives.

PS- She keeps this picture in her room talking about her Halloween Party with her friends.

Class Type: Sports
City: E. Northport
State: New York

Gymboree Play & Music have great sports classes for boys and girls ages three through five years of age with an emphasis on sports skills.  We have tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey and many other skill based themes that build on the concepts that was learned the week prior at our classes.  We have Sport classes that you can drop your child off or you can also participate right along with your preschooler creating an entire family fitness class.  Your sports workout class will be fun as well as active.  Being a member of Gymboree Play & Music will also enable your child to attend Open Gym Times (times that the play-floor are open to members) that will allow you to come multiple times per week for one low monthly price.  We also have special events at different times of the year and our Halloween Party called the Pumpkin Patch Party is a well known and loved classic party that has been enjoyed by parents and their children for decades.  Finding the right activities for your preschooler that does not push them is important.  At Gymboree Play & Music we follow the lead of the child and this helps your child feel confident about their skills.  We have a positive learning environment that creates confidence in your budding athlete.  When you are looking for sport, fitness, music, art, family or a preschool program you can just consider Gymboree Play & Music your destination for the best in infant, toddler and preschooler classes. 

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