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Wednesday, April 3, 2013 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My son started Gymboree in Play & Learn 3 and will bToddler Play, Toddler Activities, Gym for toddlers, Gym for kids, Activities for toddlers, Activities for kidse moving up to Play & Learn 5 next month. My son and I love going to Gymboree! We go to class once a week, open gym twice a week, and the holiday events when they roll around. It has been a great learning environment for my son as well as a great way for him to socialize with other kids his age (which I love!). It has been a joy to watch him master new skills both physically and verbally. His teacher is great and I love her energy and enthusiasm. Every time we come in we are greeted by name, which makes the experience all the more special. My son loves Gymbo, the "Freeze" song, and parachute time and has learned a lot of songs from attending class. The Gymboree experience gives my son and I some special time together while at the same time making the future transistion to pre-school a little less scary for this first time mom. I'm so happy (and lucky) there's a Gymboree so close to us.

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