I've got the music in me!

Thursday, November 25, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

I started GymbGymboree Play & Music, Music Classes, Movement Activities, Music Activities for Toddlers, Music and Movement for Toddlers, Music and Toddlers, Music Classes for Kids, Music Class for Kids, Music Classes for Babies, Music Class for Baby, Music Classes for Children, Music Classes for Kids, Music for Toddler, Music Classes in Mountain View, Music Classes for Kids in Mountain Vieworee Music classes  with my daughter when she was approximately six months old. Immediately, she reacted positively to the music and to the care and comforting nature of our teacher. Once our daughter found her feet she didn't sit still in class or in life. From that initial day until her present class with teacher Gabriella, our daughter has loved every moment of her music class for toddlers. It fills our hearts with much joy to see her express herself through music and dance. She is now quite confident to sing at home or in music class. Shortly after we started class I fell pregnant with my second child and once our son came along, for the first seven months he quietly sat in the corner in his car seat enjoying the music from afar. Both children adore their Gymboree music classes and we cannot thank our teachers enough for the care & attention they show our children.

Class Type: Music
City: Los Altos
State: California

Music Gets Kids Moving!  The benefits of music in early childhood are perhaps most obvious in the area of physical development. Engaging in singing and movement games and playing simple rhythm instruments create challenging experiences that support fine and gross motor skill development and overall coordination and timing.  Even before children are able to do these activities themselves, parents instinctively engage in singing, rocking, bouncing, dancing and musical play activities with their babies. These activities provide important sensory stimulation that supports the development of head, neck and torso control, balance, and body awareness. But the physical benefits inherent in musical activities are only part of the picture.   Come to any one of our four class offering in music.  Music classes at Gymboree Play & Music and a great way to augment your child's learning.


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