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Just for the winter? Yeah right.

I origionally began Gymboree with my then one year old Myles because I wanted somewhere to play for the winter. Little did I know what I was in for. We went and took a free class and I honestly fell in love with the class. Myles was a menace the first class since he had only played with one other baby his entire life. Watching how he wasn't interacting with the other kids made me realize he needed some socializing. With each class (and open gym) he has gotten closer with me and has even made a friend who he has weekly play dates with. He has begun hopping up on his mommy's lap and asking to hear her sing (and bounce) the Noble Duke of York (which mommy also enjoys as a workout). He has even began to share with other kids around him, which is something I could never get him to do before. I began Gymboree thinking we would only stay enrolled for the Winter. Lets just say, this mom doesn't plan on ending our time at Gymboree any time soon.

Class Type: Play & Learn
City: Edison
State: New Jersey


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