Little Music Man

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

We started taking Gymboree Music classes when ourMusic Classes in Chandler, AZ, Music Classes in Arizona, Kids Music Classes, Music Activities for Children, Music Activities for Toddlers, Music and Movement for Toddlers, Music and Toddlers, Music Class for Kids, Music Classes for Babies in Arizona, Music Classes for Babies in Chandler, Music Classes for Baby son Austin was six months old. Now he's over three years old and is so musical! He sings his favorite songs at home and explores making up his own "songs" on the small xylophone we bought him at Gymboree. He goes to preschool in the mornings and is so happy when I tell him it's music class day. These early preschool activities which he is taught at Gymboree truly help him shine in his day to day classroom. His favorite activity was when we explored Broadway music. The whole class played Do Re Mi (The Sounds of Music) on these colorful hand bells. Each child had one note to play and they really had to think and work together to make the song come out right. These preschool music classes have helped my son develop so much and there's always something new and challenging for him to do in class and he loves it! I think it's really helped him grow to listen, take turns and cooperate with other kids too.

Class Type: Music
City: Chandler
State: Arizona

Interest in the intellectual benefits of musical experiences continues to be the subject of much research. The impact of music on cognitive development points to two areas of learning: language development and memory.  Research findings show that infants have memory for songs heard in the uteri and can perceive and recognize many aspects of music including changes in melodic contours, temporal patterning, pitch and timbre. Research has also shown that infants as young as seven months can differentiate between a familiar piece of music and a novel one, indicating the ability to form long-term memory of the music they have heard.  The sequences and patterns of melody and rhythm found in songs, combined with interactive musical play between parent and child, stimulate brain activity and literally help “grow the brain”. Consider how songs in childhood support language and memory by making it easier to learn and remember information such as the alphabet, your name and address or states of the union.

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