Saturday, December 4, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My 1Gymboree Play & Learn 4, Gymboree Classes, Gymbo, Baby Exercise, Mommy & Me Classes, Baby Activities6 month old daughter just moved up to Play & Learn 4 and has found a new friend in not only her teacher Ms. Tisha but with Gymbo! She loves to call out the Gymbo song EVERY night when we get into the bath tub (since the tub is a perfect drum!) These classes have perfect toddler activities and great fitness fun for kids. She also has become a little diva in her class by getting things out when she knows it is time for that activity, ESPECIALLY when it has to do with GYMBO! We LOVE our Gymboree and LOVE our mommy and baby exercises! Thank You GYMBOREE! From a Gymboree Mom!

Class Type: Play & Learn 4
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio

Lifting one’s head for the first time, rolling over, reaching for a ball and crawling are all part of the first stages of physical development.  Though these developments happen naturally, the rate at which they happen can depend on the experiences we provide our children in the early years. As adults we need to provide children with an opportunity to move and explore their world. From day one, being active is important to help set the stage for an ongoing active lifestyle that promotes fun and fitness! 

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