Mommy and Baby love Gymboree

Saturday, November 20, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

My DaughterBaby Classes Monroe Township, Toddler Classes Monroe Township, Baby Play Monroe Township, Infant Classes, Infant Classes New Jersey, Infant Classes Monroe Township Alex and I enjoy our Gymboree Play & Learn 2 class so much! The teacher adores my little girl. It is a great class for my 10 month baby and all her Gymboree friends. I tell all of my friends about Gymboree play classes and share all my experiences.

Class Type: Play & Learn 2
City: Monroe Township
State: New Jersey

Through theme-related activities, Gymboree supports the child from the beginning and supplies you with ideas for how to engage in play which involves you in the learning process. Not only can a Gymboree slide and tunnel set-up provide large motor activity.  Gymboree toys and props like balls, hoops, scarves, beanbags and bubbles serve as tools to enhance your child’s pretend play and his ability to problem-solve and connect with peers. In the Gymboree environment, your child can learn social skills, practice sharing, explore new thoughts and make friends. You can develop networks with other parents and learn new songs and activities to share with your child. Play is a powerful thing for both you and your child. It emerges on its own but your involvement and guidance play an important role in your child’s social and cognitive development.

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