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Friday, November 19, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

From Facebook Gymboree Play Classes, Play & Learn, Mommy & Me Time, First Time Mom, New Mom, New Parents, New Parents Activities, Family Activity Center - My Adventures in Mommy-hood: I was sweating, I was nervous. I tried 3 different outfits on myself, and another 3 outfits on AJ. I carefully dabbed on lip gloss and a bit of
make-up, and left the house 15 minutes earlier than planned just so we wouldn't be late. We were heading to our first ever class at Gymboree Play & Music, AJ was 4 months old, and I was as nervous and excited as I was on my first day of high school. This was one of the things I had always been looking forward to as a mommy...... fun classes with my baby...... quality time....... and meeting other parents. I had friends, I have lots and lots of friends from all parts of my life. I have excellent friends who've been with me through thick and thin, who I love like family. But that day was the start of my "mommy friend" relationships. And oh how important these mommy friends are. The other mommies all seemed very nice. Some were already experienced Gymboree moms, so I was a bit intimidated, and others were new like me, so a bit shy yet friendly. Conversation was a bit awkward, and I had to make judgments about who might be a compatible potential friend. And I had to figure out how I was going to transition these new possible friendships out of the Gymboree gym and into a Starbucks, shopping mall or play-date. Of course all of this didn't occur in just our first class...... and we had some stumbling blocks along the way, like the time I accidentally sat down in a spot someone had saved for a friend, and she spent the entire time talking over me to her friend, in Spanish no less, and I sat there feeling very much like an intrusion. I went home crying to my husband that I was never going to meet anyone and that I was never going back. Of course I went back. This was more than 4 years ago that I embarked on this quest for mommy friendship. And now I am pleased to say, I have several groups of "mommy friends" including a special group who we refer to as our "Gymboree friends" one of whom I met in that very first Gymboree class. I can attest..... Gymboree is THE ultimate meet market for mommies! Mommy friends are different than regular friends because well, with non-mommy friends it really gets boring if all you talk about are the nuances of being mommy. But with mommy friends about 90% of conversation is about teething, vaccines, shoes sales, music classes, where to find organic bunny crackers, the latest baby gear, and what to do about preschool-school. And there are certain unwritten and unspoken rules that mommy friends have like: - You can cancel on a mommy friend at ANY time due to sick child, morning sickness with subsequent pregnancies, etc. and it is ok, because those things spring up on all mommies at the most unexpected times and we all understand - You may not see or hear from a mommy friend for a week or two, but that doesn't make you any less of a friend because we all know how fast time goes when you are busy with a little one (or 2 or 3!) - You may abandon your stroller with baby inside to chase after two-year old, without announcing it to your mommy friend and she will stay with stroller and enclosed baby because she just knows to do that - You praise each others children and never criticize because well, that's just the nice way to be - You discuss the pros and cons of different ways of parenting, but never call anything right or wrong...... unless it's about somebody not present in the conversation! - Mommy friends are the best resources for referrals for doctors, schools, swim classes, pre-schools and babysitters - Mommy friends celebrate in each others new babies, plan baby showers, have great birthday party ideas, redistribute hand-me-downs and lend out things like exersaucers, bouncy seats and pack n plays - Mommy friends let you vent about how your children are driving you crazy and they don't judge you because they've seen it in action and yes, the kids would most certainly be driving you crazy by acting like that Since I became a mommy, I've been more than fortunate in finding, keeping and having relationships with my mommy friends. As I mentioned there are the Gymboree moms, then I have my mommy friends from work who were both pregnant with me when I had Bebe, and they followed shortly with a little boy each.... Bebe's BFFs, I have my mommy friends from daycare - our kids having known each other since early infancy, and my Mommy friends from the boys' pre-k classes who I get to enjoy for play-dates, birthday parties, school plays, and field trips for the next 10 years or so together! Having lived in the city I'm in now for my entire adult life, being a mommy is the first time I've felt completely settled in this city. I had a career before, and fantastic friendships and relationships. But now that I'm married, own a home, have children enrolled in two different schools, I feel like this is our home, the only home my children have ever known, and bumping into a mommy friend from any of these groups (school, work, Gymboree) on my trips to the grocery store, waiting room at the Doctor, shopping spree at the party store, is what makes me feel like a true part of the community. Mommy friends are priceless. I am ever so fortunate for the ones I have, who go through this crazy adventure with me every day as we share war stories of colic, tantrums, ailments, milestones and breakdowns. Whether it is my family mommy friends, like my sisters-in-law, cousins and aunts, or my old mommy friends who I've known since elementary and high school, my mommy friends who I met through work, those who I met those fateful days of Gymboree, or those who I've met through our children's schools; No matter what I'm going through as a mommy, I know there is always one of these mommies just a phone call, email, text or wall post away. And all of these mommies know exactly what I mean when I ask their opinion on what is considered a serious size for a head lump, what the best jogging stroller is, what that weird rash is on the back of the baby's legs, who to see to get Troon's hearing tested because he really can't be this poor a listener, phone numbers for a reliable babysitter, emergency contacts for school forms, and who the best swim instructor is at swim school. Mommy friends are doctors, consultants, therapists, news reporters, teachers, phone directories, and critics all wrapped up in one, and all with the patience for each other thanks to all the patience they've learned from dealing with terrible twos, and threes. Now I am thrilled to have a whole new group of mommy friends who I will refer to as my "Cyber Mommy Friends" who join with me in our Adventures in Mommy-hood. Gymboree Play & Music is the best place to meet these other mommies and I am proud to be a Gymboree mommy. Let your mommy friends know who they are today..... and say thank you to them for going through your adventures in Mommy-hood with you! Thank you to you all!

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