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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Last week was African music week at Gymboree Music Classes for Kids, Music Classes for Toddlers, Music Classes, Music Lessons, Music Activities for Children, Music and Movement for Toddlers, Gymboree Play & Music, Play & Music and we did a song about a mosquito. Every time the song would end, my 16 months old daughter Mayley would say "more" and giggle each time the imaginary mosquito would buzz around and land on her nose. Now she wants me to sing the mosquito song and do the mosquito game with her at home. Mayley loves her toddler music class and we love the music activities for toddlers which you provide in all Gymboree music classes. I love how she gets to interact with the other kids her age and is learning about lots of musical concepts in such a fun way. We love all the music and movement activities. Gymboree Play & Music is by far our favorite toddler music group!

Class Type: Music
State: Texas

For the young child, music is most often experienced as part of playtime and daily rituals carried out by parents and other family members. These early musical contexts convey a strong connection to the people and emotions associated with them. This makes music the ideal medium to stimulate social-emotional development.  The benefits that music making imparts on a young child’s social-emotional development are significant. To the pre-verbal child, music provides a form of communication that transcends spoken language. Long before an infant can understand the spoken words “I love you”, he can feel the warmth and security of his mother’s arms, see the love in her eyes, and be calmed by her rocking movements as she sings a lullaby. In this way, music enhances the bonding experience between parent and child and contributes to the development of trust so essential to emotional development.  The songs of childhood naturally encourage social interaction first with adult caregivers and later with peers in both formal and informal music settings.

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