More Than I Could Have Imagined!

Thursday, July 23, 2015 by Gymboree Play & Music Family and Friends

Our teacher Mr. Justin is amazing!
We absolutely love our Monday night Family Music Class and the whole family can't wait till Monday nights.

I am amazed with the energy and enthusiasm Justin brings to class, and the quality of musical education mixed with a fun and energizing environment makes it even greater.

Mr Justin should be commended on how well he handles children with special needs. Having someone in our class who has autism can at times seem like a bit of a struggle but Justin handles it with grace and in turn, every child in the class has the opportunity to participate. It is an incredible sight to see when all the kids in our class help with putting the instruments away, and the drum away, and dance together, and become friends and a team! Even making up songs to get our kids to put things away gently... It really is a wonderful thing.

We then get home and the habits we learned at class are being followed in our daily lives as well! From washing our hands and shaking them to dry, to singing the gentle gentle song when we put our toys away. I never knew how much we as a family would gain from Gymboree. We even sing our Gymboree songs at home too!

I am always so surprised at how Mr Justin keeps such high energy through class even when we are going full tilt for 45 minutes straight. After every class he still makes time to do Gumbo stamps, high fives, hugs and always wishes us a great week!

I will be sad when the time comes that we must leave Gymboree, but our family will always remember the classes we attend fondly, and will always hold a special place in our hearts for Mr. Justin!

Class Type: Music
City: Calgary

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